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4th Floor, 3rd Building, Yuhu Village, Longxi Community, Longgang, Shenzhen  518116, China
Teresa Zang  teresa(at) 
phone: +86-182 -6794-6536


we‘re a small factory focus on waterproof bags. 
most of our bags are used on motorcycle, fishing, triathlon and other water sports. 

our product range including
>>> waterproof motorcycle backpacks, moto tail bags, dry pannier bags 
>>> fishing tackle backpacks, dry bags, tackle duffel bags. 
>>> Triathlon transition dry backpacks, duffel, and swim buoys. 

Located in Guangdong South China, we have been very close to clients around the world. With advanced

high frequency machine, we‘re able to handle different fabrics, such as PVC, PVC tarpaulin, Nylon TPU, polyester TPU

etc.  as most of the waterproof products are designed for the market of USA, Canada UK, Spain, Australia,  

so most of the fabrics we use (PVC/TPU tapaulin) are strictly according to Phthalate free and REACH standard.

To make sure intime delivery, most of our raw materials  are sourced from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan and cities

 nearby, Also our silk screen / heat-transfer printing supplier are located nearby our factory, so we can always control the quality.

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